Air humidity is the key to maintenance of furniture.

Update:04 Aug 2016

In winter, although the sun is not as strong as other s […]

In winter, although the sun is not as strong as other seasons, but the air is dry and cold, coupled with the "baking" of indoor heating, the furniture is prone to cracks and partial fading, so moderate air humidity in the home is the key to the maintenance of furniture. Among them, there are many consumers who believe that geothermal heating structure of solid wood flooring will cause cracks in many places after one year of use. According to industry insiders, solid wood floors tend to retain some moisture inside, but in the case of geothermal dryness in winter, Floor water loss shrinks, and the gap between floors will naturally increase. Therefore, properly increasing the humidity in the air in the home can effectively prevent cracks from appearing.
A park outdoor furniture reminds consumers that humidification in winter should be moderate. The unique hygroscopicity of wood is very easy to change with the change of the environment, so we must evenly humidify, place the humidifier in the place with proper ventilation and light, and not close to the furniture. Otherwise, the wood will prone to expansion and moisture absorption, causing furniture cracking. , Rotten, corrosion of metal parts, furniture, easy to open part of the adhesive, chrome-plated original release film and other issues. It is appropriate to use a humidifier to keep the room humidity between 40% and 60% during normal heating.
Cleaning furniture should pay attention to skills
Due to the dry weather in winter, the wood is more fragile, and with the baking of the heating, the water in the wood is dissipated, the texture becomes loose, and the usually strong floor or furniture is likely to be easily scratched during cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning, try not to touch the wood surface with sharp cleaning tools. Usually also pay attention to the maintenance of furniture, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture, in order to protect its surface from flawed. Wipe furniture can not be wiped with a damp rag, but should use professional furniture care oil, can lock the moisture in the wood to prevent wood cracking deformation, while nourishing wood, extend the life of furniture
Keep indoor humidity to minimize window opening time
A lot of users with good heating conditions will experience long-term ventilation due to the high indoor temperature. Many people mistakenly believe that ventilation is done in winter, indoor temperatures drop, and cracks in wooden furniture naturally diminish. In fact, the higher the air temperature, the more saturated the water is, which means that the indoor humidity in winter is relatively higher than the outdoor. Dongguan Jiapeng furniture experts said: The real reason for cracks in homes comes from humidity, not temperature. At this time, opening the window and ventilating will only exchange the cold air outside and make the room more dry. Therefore, the ventilation time should be reduced during the winter, and the preservation of indoor humidity is the right way to maintain furniture.