Cast aluminum outdoor park bench concept.

Update:04 Aug 2016

Cast aluminum outdoor park chairs are the most common t […]

Cast aluminum outdoor park chairs are the most common type of outdoor park chairs. Regardless of aesthetics or durability, it is a better one. I will first introduce the combination of cast aluminum outdoor park chairs.
Cast aluminum outdoor park chairs are generally made of environmentally friendly wood and cast aluminum feet.
Green wood:
Environmental wood is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material, the main component is HDPE (high-density polyethylene), and add a certain amount of additives, such as: UV (anti-UV), antioxidants, anti-aging agents, flame retardants and other additives . All kinds of raw materials are stirred at high speed and melted together at a high temperature. Extrusion technology is applied to produce various kinds of environmentally-friendly wood products.
Cast aluminum feet:
Cast aluminum is a kind of aluminum or aluminum alloy ingots prepared according to the standard composition ratio, after artificial heating to become aluminum alloy liquid or molten state, and then through a professional mold or the corresponding process to molten aluminum or molten aluminum The alloy is poured into the cavity and cooled to form a desired shape of the aluminum part of the process.
Commonly used cast aluminum methods are: sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, precision casting, permanent die casting and so on.
Both are better materials. What is the good of the two collections?
1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, fundamentally solve the solid wood tide water absorption rot;
2. Anti-cockroaches, anti-termites, effectively eliminate pest harassment, and extend service life;
3. No cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no need for maintenance for more than 10 years;
Outdoor furniture

As furniture itself, the narrow definition of "FURNITURE" refers to the instruments used in indoor life. It is the necessary facility for making the space of a building practical and practical. In a broad sense, furniture is the life and work of people. The indispensable appliances for social activities and the common product of the pursuit of visual performance and ideals for the purpose of meeting the needs of life.

Therefore, it can be considered that outdoor furniture mainly refers to outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture for public sexual activities. It is the material basis for determining the spatial functions of buildings outside (including the space outside the space, also known as "gray space") and an important element of the form of outdoor space representation.

The distinguishing feature of outdoor furniture from ordinary furniture is that it serves as a component of the urban landscape environment - the city's "props", but also has the characteristics of "publicity" and "communicativeness" in the general sense. As an important part of furniture as a whole, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to the rest of the facilities in the urban landscape facilities.
For example, a rest table, chair or the like for an outdoor or semi-outdoor space.
Outdoor Park Benches