Classification of outdoor furniture materials wood.

Update:04 Aug 2016

1) Teak Teak origin is usually found in Thailand, Myanm […]

1) Teak
Teak origin is usually found in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and so on, but also in China's Yunnan Province. Because teak is rich in oiliness, its stability is superior to other woods. Therefore, the use of teak in furniture can reduce the cracking, deformation, discoloration, and worming of wood products. Teak from different places of origin has different quality because of different climate and soil environment. Thailand, Myanmar teak is better, wood is more aromatic, more difficult to be insects, texture is clear, beautiful, elegant colors, the product not only has a good use value, and a higher collection value, so it is known as wood Gold.
Manchurian ash is produced in the northeast of China. It is a good material for furniture due to its tough texture, beautiful appearance, rough structure, easy processing, and high toughness. Therefore, it is widely used in outdoor furniture, such as commonly used park chairs.
FSC wood
First of all, we must make it clear that FSC is not the name of a wood, it is the collective name of certified wood.
Other hardwoods such as red cherry in Indonesia.