How to buy outdoor furniture?

Update:04 Aug 2016

Outdoor furniture mainly refers to furniture used for o […]

Outdoor furniture mainly refers to furniture used for outdoor or semi-outdoor public activities. So how to buy outdoor furniture?
Buying outdoor furniture requires consideration of several important aspects of safety, comfort, and appearance.
Outdoor furniture is generally used in outdoor venues such as streets, squares, gardens, avenues, lakes, and parks. With the growth of people's leisure, tourism, shopping and other life activities, more comfort, relaxation, stability, and aesthetic public outdoor furniture are needed.
Security is the primary condition for the survival of human beings. Without security, there are no other characteristics. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider not only the average person but also the safety needs of all people, including children, the elderly, and the disabled, as to how facilities should function. Try to be different when different people need it. Meet the barrier-free design requirements. Improve safety levels. On the other hand, the facility should not cause any physical or psychological harm to the user in terms of form, color, and material usage.
The comfort of Outdoor furniture refers to the feeling of use. Allow residents to experience a relaxed, comfortable living and avoid being exposed to outside noise. This kind of comfort in use includes the rationality of whether various facilities are considered for use in the original ergonomics, and whether the space for satisfying people's activities is created from the perspective of environmental psychology (environmental behavior). These are directly related to the effectiveness of urban outdoor furniture in outdoor space, thus affecting the quality of residents' outdoor life.
Appearance mainly includes three meanings: First, it is the harmony between the styling elements of the outdoor furniture itself. Second, due to being in the same outdoor environment, outdoor furniture should also be as harmonious and unified as possible in terms of form, material, and color; Finally, the harmony between outdoor furniture and the outdoor environment.
Outdoor furniture is a facility that is used in a particular outdoor environment. Facilities that are out of place with the surrounding environment cannot be called good outdoor furniture.
How to buy outdoor furniture is mainly based on the above major factors. There are some other factors such as price.