How to choose a dining table?

Update:04 Aug 2016

First of all, we must determine how large the area of t […]

First of all, we must determine how large the area of the dining area is. Whether it is a restaurant or a living room or a study room that serves as a restaurant, we must first determine the maximum size of the dining space that can be occupied.
If the area of the house is large and there is a separate restaurant, you can choose a table with plenty of sense to match the space. If the restaurant area is limited, and the number of people dining is not certain, and the number of people dining on the holidays may increase, then the most common style on the market today is the retractable table, ie, there is a movable plate in the middle, which is usually taken in the middle of the table or taken when not in use. Don't buy an extra-large dining table for only three or four times a year.
A small family with a limited area can allow a table to serve a variety of roles, such as a mahjong table that can be used as a writing desk and entertainment. In a family without a separate restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table can satisfy all family members. It is not very convenient to pack it up. Therefore, the more common foldable dining table on the market is more suitable for selection.
Second, you can choose according to the overall style of your home. If the living room is luxuriously decorated, the dining table should select the corresponding style, such as the European style of classical style; if the style of the living room emphasizes simplicity, you may consider purchasing a simple and elegant style of glass table top. In addition, the old table does not have to be lost. Under the current trend of natural style, if you have a solid wood old-fashioned table, you can move it into your new home, just spread a tablecloth with a harmonious color and decoration on it. Another elegant.
The shape of the table has some influence on the home atmosphere. Rectangular tables are more suitable for larger parties; round tables feel more democratic; irregular desktops, such as a “comma” shape, are more suitable for use by two people in a small space, and are warm and natural; There are foldable styles that are more flexible than fixed ones.
The dining table is particularly necessary. Some people say that a table is a model that lets you dress up. In order to show its unique style, you can choose different tablecloths, such as simple linen tablecloths show a traditional flavor, bright and colorful tablecloths can make people feel a lively atmosphere. In addition, the top of the table is equipped with suitable lamps, which can make people appreciate the “color” beauty of food and create a charming atmosphere. Enjoy a well-cooked dinner with friends and family at a well-groomed table, full of fun.