Modern pavilion features

Update:04 Aug 2016

Modern pavilion features simple and neat, practical and […]

Modern pavilion features simple and neat, practical and generous, short production cycle and modeling change, it abandoned the classic carved luxury pavilion, refining the abstract shape, compared to the classical pavilion, it is more perfect with modern technology and materials:
(1) Emphasize that functional design, shading, viewing, or recreation are all reflected in the beginning of the design. The lines are simple and smooth with strong color contrast, which is also characteristic of modern pavilions.
(2) The extensive use of modern pavilions of plastic wood, acrylic sheet, color glass fiber tile, high-strength film material, stainless steel and new materials as auxiliary material, greatly improve the life of pavilion, decorative style fresh and generous, but also bring Avant-garde, unfettered feeling.
(3) It is highly integrated with the modern garden. According to the theme and characteristics of the garden design, it is better equipped with modern garden furniture. The rational disassembly and assembly structure is convenient for transportation and installation. The steel structure ensures that the pavilion is more durable.
Modern pavilion refers to the design style is simple, the use of modern and diverse building decoration materials, the integrated use of modern technology, functional parts common, easy to industrial production of a pavilion.