Outdoor furniture material - plastic.

Update:04 Aug 2016

1) Rattan Imitation vine means that the vine used in ou […]

Imitation vine means that the vine used in outdoor furniture is made of plastic raw materials, usually made of PE or PVC. In order to increase the anti-aging degree of plastics, appropriate anti-aging materials are usually added through the formula. Therefore, the rattan is also called PE rattan, and the PE material is polyethylene. It is a kind of plastic which is relatively environmentally friendly, so it is widely used in the civilian market. According to the color requirements, a part of the pigment can be added to produce rattan of various colors. According to the shape requirements, rattan strips of different shapes can be produced. Compared with the real rattan in nature, the imitation rattan has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, bright color, long service life and comfortable hand.
PVC tarpaulin
Part of the shed cloth in the outdoor furniture, as well as the top cloth of the sunshade product, are made of PVC material, which is consistent with the part of the rattan material, but the manufacturing process is different.
Fourth, stone

Natural Stone
Granite: Naturally formed, hard texture, beautiful natural texture. If you usually use gold sand, Mongolian black and other stone. Most of the countertops in outdoor products are made of granite, granite is used for countertops, and the bottom is not required to add accessories such as backings. Marble: It is also naturally formed. The texture is softer than granite. The density is not as large as granite. It is easy to crack in use, so it is often used for small-area countertops, or the back of the countertop is added to protect the backboard.
Artificial stone
Resin: Synthetic resin through chemical composition, similar to natural stone, the production process is complex, and the technology content is high. It is still in the trial stage in the use of outdoor products, and it is still immature. Mainly used for interior decoration. Honeycomb aluminum synthesis: The surface is covered with 5mm thick natural stone. The bottom of the stone is supported by a honeycomb aluminum plate. The two sides are bonded with special glue and shaped by high pressure. This stone is mainly used for countertops. The advantage is that the countertop is light in weight and easy to handle. The disadvantage is that the production process is highly demanding.