Outdoor furniture reasonable purchase

Update:04 Aug 2016

    Outdoor balcony furniture selection is not simple, […]

    Outdoor balcony furniture selection is not simple, in addition to look at the style, but also pay special attention to outdoor furniture material. Outdoor furniture exposed for many years should always be subject to the baptism of the storm, while it should be easy to take care of.
    One, the most easy to manage Imitation rattan furniture
Imitation rattan outdoor furniture if not diligent care, rattan crevices hidden in the dust is also obstruct the elegant view, therefore, it is more suitable for semi-indoor semi-outdoor terrace. While some imitation of outdoor rattan furniture is to make up for the lack of real rattan furniture, you can rest assured that the outdoor. Imitation rattan furniture to imitate the color and shape of rattan, woven from plastic strips, exquisite craft rattan furniture even makes it difficult to distinguish true and false. In addition, Imitation rattan furniture is also very plastic, it can be made with the same real woven Ivory effect, in color and very changeable, as made of dirt-resistant gray-black, is a bold attempt. If there's room for the rest of the day, it's best to put a sofa bed on the vines, and the generous and comfortable bed is like an open embrace where you can enjoy the sunshine
    Second, the most natural breathable rattan furniture
The trend of furniture after wave of rattan furniture seems indifferent and detached from the arena, like a beautiful and desolate back. But today, rattan furniture once again into the furniture stage, especially the beautiful outdoor furniture, such as various leisure chairs, moon hanging chair and so on all emerged. Because of the excellent flexibility of the vine, is a designer in the hands of the "can be made of wood," so the creative furniture in the shape and freshness are unmatched by other materials.
Buy rattan furniture best from the material, the choice of rattan thick, symmetrical and without variegated rattan for the quality of rattan. Poor quality rattan thinner, less toughness, low tensile strength and easy to break. Rub hard on the surface of the cane, with particular attention to the section of the section is rough or uneven feeling.
   Third, the most flexible and economic rattan furniture
The rattan texture is mild, the aesthetics of the cast iron lines, the solemn temperament, the combination of both, rigid and economical, especially suitable for outdoor furniture. The most popular rattan furniture is iron bracket and rattan baskets.
At present, all major brands of rattan furniture have introduced a combination of rattan iron products, especially outdoor lounge chairs and baskets and the like, like a garden outdoor furniture, "Bird 's Nest hanging blue" Once upon a fairy tale style awakened many adulthood Unpredicted innocence, a lot of people will have a garden or balcony, "rocking chair slowly shaking" and age with you slowly, drew a romantic story.
Select the rattan furniture to sit up and try to see whether there is shaking or over-stressed when there is no crush; to see the solder joints are solid, rattan surface do not have a lot of exposed ports. Good rattan furniture welding points to be smooth and solid, rattan surface feel smooth hand touch, no stubble scratch.
 Fourth, the most cool and elegant Iron furniture
Iron furniture has always occupied the position of rivers and lakes in the outdoor furniture because it not only has a cool visual effect but also feels cold and cool, which undoubtedly has a great market space for the hot summer weather.
Currently on the market of iron furniture mainly cast iron and wrought iron furniture two, in particular, is worth mentioning quite quite the style of wrought iron furniture. Seiko doing fine, tempered wrought iron furniture, in particular, to show the charm of the European classical, its strong sense of art to the courtyard or patio brought a rare view.

Whether wrought iron or cast iron in the production process, are subject to degreasing, impurities, rust and rust treatment, the choice should be noted that the surface is smooth; also have to ask whether the moisture-proof treatment.
Through the above description you can choose a variety of outdoor furniture, a rattan furniture, rattan furniture, rattan iron furniture, iron furniture and other outdoor furniture to choose from, through a variety of outdoor furniture to understand, to buy their own conditions Outdoor furniture, buy your favorite outdoor furniture and can withstand. In the enjoyment of beautiful scenery, comfortable life, there will not be too much economic pressure.