Outdoor wood table and chair

Update:04 Aug 2016

1. Please put it on a smooth ground or meadow to avoid […]

1. Please put it on a smooth ground or meadow to avoid swaying and tilting.
2. Long time use, screw parts may loose, please take care to tighten.
3. Suitable for outdoor use wood is very important, such as teak, Shabili, Pakistan out of wood, the wood is rich in fat, good flexibility, generally not
Dehiscence and deformation, and also have natural anti-corrosion and insect resistance characteristics, is an ideal outdoor furniture material. In addition, the aging and fading of solid wood outdoor furniture
It is a normal phenomenon, but the correct use of methods and effective maintenance can slow these phenomena.
4. Outdoor use, please avoid insolation, rain, and cover with a furniture cover or cover for a long time. Otherwise, it will accelerate the surface paint off or aging.
In order to maintain the refurbishment, we can use the company's special wood furniture protection oil to scrub and smear according to the specified method. We suggest that you do the maintenance every 3-6 months.