Types of outdoor furniture

Update:04 Aug 2016

As a new fashion in the furniture, outdoor furniture em […]

As a new fashion in the furniture, outdoor furniture embodies a kind of relaxing and relaxing life. This summer, the owners of new homes are being arranged. When choosing outdoor furniture, they can forget all kinds of troubles in the decoration and put them into the beautiful scenery of pastoral life. There are more outdoor furniture this year and more interesting.
Outdoor furniture, such as outdoor gazebo, outdoor park chair outdoor table chair and so on. In general, this kind of furniture should be made of high quality materials, with good durability, heavy weight and long outdoors.
The choice of outdoor furniture to crude and refined. We choose the indoor furniture are usually very careful, but the choice of outdoor furniture is coarse and fine.
First, if the long term on the outside, so you should be inevitably exposed to the weather, the furniture has certain deformation and fading of psychological preparation. The general wood mostly metal, wood, wood and environmental protection. However, in the choice of the connector, you should be careful, because it is related to the firmness and safety of outdoor furniture. So it is important to compare the self weight, should be firmly connected. A flower and other large landscape furniture to be fixed by the way of burying load.
In connection with outdoor furniture parts, metal parts or general tenon connection, metal connection between more rugged, but do well is not only strong joint between components in the force, there is room for mobile, increase the stability of the structure. Mortise furniture also has the structure of the natural and pastoral beauty, but the technology can only be good.