What are the characteristics of cast aluminum lounge chair?

Update:04 Aug 2016

1, Cast aluminum lounge chair does not rust, hardness, […]

1, Cast aluminum lounge chair does not rust, hardness, abrasion and non-vacuum characteristics, no maintenance. Aluminum leisure chairs in the current European and American countries as the mainstream of high-end outdoor furniture.
2, Cast aluminum is molten aluminum, poured into the mold, the formation of the required shape by cooling a piece of aluminum process method. Cast aluminum lounge chair made of selected aluminum, parts are cast in a fine mold in the formation of mud. With durable, corrosion-resistant, UV protection against the clouding of the outstanding features. Sophisticated technology, luxurious style, comfortable sit feeling.
3, Cast aluminum leisure chair has a good waterproof sunscreen performance, perennial can be placed outdoors in the same color, fire waterproof rain. Structural real compression, a certain flexibility, able to withstand the pressure, not easy to fall damage, easy to clean, not easy to scratch damage. Compared to other types of outdoor furniture, better corrosion resistance, process time is beautiful, you can cast a variety of carved and styling. First of all, the appearance of the quality of furniture requires smooth surface, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, widely used in home balconies, villas gardens, upscale district, leisure resorts, cafes, bathing beach, scenic tourist areas.