What is the general structure of cast aluminum lounge chair?

Update:04 Aug 2016

1, The framework for the aluminum rod or iron pipe, wit […]

1, The framework for the aluminum rod or iron pipe, with the rattan, silk screen, water or glass flat tempered glass perfect combination of streamlined design, give full consideration to ergonomic comfort.
2, High-quality PE / PVC rattan, fashionable and durable. Compared with natural rattan, but also with a smooth surface, good flexibility, anti-aging, UV, heat and humidity ability, not easy to fade, easy to clean and so on.
3, Plastic imitation rattan outdoor furniture, the price of natural rattan, but also easy to maintain.
4, Made of natural rattan furniture can not be used outdoors, and now use plastic instead of synthetic vine vine natural rattan, rattan furniture from outdoor to outdoor, not only to meet your pursuit of exquisite outdoor living space, but also Perfect for your interior.
5, Aluminum alloy and polymer materials with a combination of modern and stylish style, this new material and more light, portable, easy to disassemble, easy to move as the main feature, and respect for minimalism, due to the material Of the special attributes, so in the design process, will continue to amend the lines and angles, so that it can be coordinated with the human body to achieve good results.
6, With a wide range of materials to bring people a wide range of senses, regardless of affinity, cold, cutting-edge, retro, sensual, rational, will be full of infinite vitality in outdoor space, revealing its own unique charm. Rattan table and chair Material: aluminum alloy tube or iron pipe and rattan woven, in-line tempered glass, black or white; including four corner chairs, two chairs; waterproof breathable outdoor pad 5cm. Products for leisure Square, hotels, bars, private gardens, villas, lawns, swimming pools, beaches, hot springs area, cafes and other leisure venues.
The above is about "cast aluminum lounge chair introduction, this lounge chair can actually be used for home use, placed on the balcony, when the sun came out, do a bath to enjoy, I believe it is a unique life scene.