What should be paid attention to when selecting outdoor furniture for metal material?

Update:04 Aug 2016

Among the many styles of outdoor furniture, the most du […]

Among the many styles of outdoor furniture, the most durable is of metal. Because of the fierce competition in the industry, the quality of the products of outdoor furniture is also different. From the outdoor furniture market in Beijing, in the purchase of metal material furniture and outdoor furniture to remind you to pay attention to a few points:
1, pay attention to the welding process of furniture: the good or bad of the welding process directly affects the beauty and the convenience of the furniture.
2, the overall furniture is well proportioned: for the metal material, the furniture, because more welding, there will be a lot of fine deviation. The furniture will be deformed when it is used for a long time. So in the purchase, we should pay attention to whether the structure of the furniture is reasonable.
3, the furniture surface is black spots: for many users, because of the lack of understanding of the welding furniture, it is often mistaken for the black spots on the furniture surface is normal. But not, most of these black spots are caused by the furniture in the wet place. Through the welded furniture, the surface will be fresh and bright, the paint is rich in color and luster.
4, the fine parts of the furniture are complete: the screws, nails and other components used to fix the metal furniture, not only to be firm but also to be complete. The nail should be smooth and smooth, without burr, and there should be no outgoing hammer injury around the welding place.