What should you watch out for when choosing metal outdoor furniture?

Update:04 Aug 2016

Among the many styles of outdoor furniture , the most d […]

Among the many styles of outdoor furniture , the most durable is metal. Due to fierce competition in the industry, the quality of many outdoor furniture products is also uneven. From the perspective of the outdoor furniture market in Beijing, when purchasing metal furniture, a garden outdoor furniture reminds everyone of the following points:

1, pay attention to the welding process of furniture: the quality of the welding process directly affects the appearance and ease of use of the furniture;
2. Whether the whole furniture is well-proportioned: For furniture made of metal materials, as many are welded, there are many cases where there are slight deviations. If this type of furniture is used for a long time, it will be deformed. Therefore, when purchasing, should pay attention to whether the furniture structure is reasonable;
3. Black spots on the surface of the furniture: For many users, due to the lack of understanding of the welded furniture, it is often mistaken for black spots on the furniture surface to be normal. But it is not, and these black spots are mostly caused by furniture placed in wet places. After welding the furniture, the surface will be fresh and bright, paint color rich.
4, complete small parts of furniture: used to fix metal furniture screws, nails and other components, not only to be strong but also complete. The nails should be smooth, burr-free, and there should be no outward hammer around the weld.