A related introduction to hotel leisure furniture.

Update:04 Aug 2016

There are many kinds of hotel leisure furniture, such a […]

There are many kinds of hotel leisure furniture, such as solid wood table and chair, cast aluminum table and chair, and imitation rattan table and chair
Solid wood leisure desk and chair, solid wood has shuilu, northeast yu, eucalyptus, camphor, basswood, birch, color wood, teak, beech, cherry wood, red sandalwood, red cedar, red pine, oak wood, yellow pineapple, jujube, wooden lotus, rosewood, mahogany, mahogany, mahogany, red wood, neem, ceram, jujube and so on.
Cast aluminum leisure chairs, aluminum is a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingot composition proportion, according to the standard after artificial heating turned it into aluminium alloy liquid or molten state through professional mold or corresponding process again after pouring liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy molten state into the cavity, the shape of aluminum for cooling to form a kind of technological process.
Copy cane recreational desk and chair, PE cane, divide again into flat cane and round cane, usually round cane can compare the price of flat cane high 35%, round cane USES in making up cane desk and chair, sofa, specific also should see design and decide.