Introduction to the leisure park chair.

Update:04 Aug 2016

The leisure park chair must first meet the design of ou […]

The leisure park chair must first meet the design of outdoor leisure in the design style. Secondly, the size of the leisure park chair must conform to the principle of ergonomics. This is basic.

The use of the leisure park chair: As the name suggests, but used in the park. There are many places that can be used, such as shopping malls, squares, tourist attractions and other places can be used. all the same. Many names may be different, such as mall lounge chairs, square lounge chairs, outdoor park chairs, etc. In fact, they are all the same products. Just use it in different production situations.

What is the leisure park chair used for? This is also a diverse element that can be made from a wide variety of materials. This depends on your personal preference. The most common ones are: 1. Use cast aluminum or cast iron with environmentally friendly wood or solid wood strips; 2. The entire chair is made of metal by welding. In fact, these two are the most common. It is also the best use.

In this way, for the name and name of the leisure park chair, there are also cast aluminum park chairs, cast iron park chairs, plastic wood park chairs and so on.