What is the material of the outdoor park chair?

Update:04 Aug 2016

The outdoor park chairs is a product for outdoor travel […]

The outdoor park chairs is a product for outdoor travelers to rest, mostly used in parks, communities, large playgrounds, shopping plazas, public places. With the development of the times, outdoor park chairs have entered most small and medium cities. Become a beautiful landscape of the city. It brings convenience to people and makes the environment more harmonious. The outdoor park chair is mostly composed of two parts: the seat strip and the chair foot.
Start with its chair legs, generally used in several materials, cast aluminum feet, cast iron feet, metal welded feet. It is recommended to use cast aluminum feet
The most common types of chair strips, metal, solid wood, environmentally friendly plastic wood. These kinds, each with its own advantages, and shortcomings, so long-term outdoor use, personally recommend the use of environmentally friendly plastic wood.
Usually the combination of outdoor park chairs is also very particular. For example: cast aluminum feet, with environmentally friendly plastic wood, cast iron feet and solid wood, metal welding feet and metal parts.